The PopTiks Art Project

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The #PopTiksArtProject experience is an interactive, ongoing, growing adventure in color, coloring, art and imagination.

Your part in the project will be to complete – to move forward the work we have initiated. The art isn’t finished until you color it.

Thus begins a journey, a journey of discovery in color, art, and seeing. You see as no other sees. You will discover what is in you as you express yourSELF! These coloring pages are an interaction between you, the “Colorist,” and “Inker,” the mysterious one who drew the lines. The title is up to you. We invite you to share your version with the world by posting your vision to our Facebook page, Poptiks Arts, by uploading them to our contact page, and by emailing them to Our favorite colored interpretations will be featured on our Instagram each week!

May your adventure be one of discovery and joy! Staying within the lines is, of course, optional.

PopTiks is a portmanteau of the word pop,” because the images POP off the page and will be extremely POPular (we hope!), the -tiks part is a variant of part of the word optics,” because they’re, well, optical, and it’s kinda fun to say! So,after you’ve colored your first image, you will become an official oPtikist  – or maybe a PopTikker we’ll leave that up to you! ????