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There’s an old cowboy adage that says, “There’s somethin’ about the outsides of a horse that’s good for the insides of a person…”

For that reason, 15% of proceeds from any PopTiks Art product will be dedicated to Horses For Heroes.  Their “Cowboy Up!” program provides a “unique horsemanship, wellness and Skill-set Restructuring (™) program based in Santa Fe, NM”. Horses For Heroes gives “veterans a new and vital mission where they can recuperate, recreate and reintegrate into their communities”*. This program is free of charge to ALL post 9/11 veterans and active military, to whom we offer our thanks, appreciation and apologies.

I have experienced the healing power of horses in my own life.  Working with an equine assisted therapy program in Taos, NM. I’ve known horses that could heal wounds that no one else could see.

I feel that we have a debt to pay to the men and women who choose to serve. For their willingness to put themselves in harms way for others, and for our nation.

Despite one’s personal politics, those that served did, and continue to do what they think is right. For that, we here at PopTiks honor them.

For more information, visit the Horses for Heroes website.

To Find an equine assisted therapy facility near you; or to learn more about what you can do to assist in the healing of our brothers, sisters, cousin, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles and friends, search “Equine Therapy for Veterans” on your favorite search engine. Thank you.

*sourced from the Horses for Heroes website